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Castel Beseno

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Castel Beseno is the most vast fortified complex of Trento, today fascinating stage of exhibitions and shows.

Castel Beseno occupies an entire hill top dominating the Valley of the Adige, between Rovereto and Trento, and can be reached by passing by Besenello. Striking, in addition to its grandeur, is the atmosphere that can still be perceived, full of charm and fascination. It is the seat of temporary exhibitions, cultural events and performances in costume, that have as excellent scenery the vast field of tournaments, today a well-kept garden. This fortress was the theater of historical battles, wars of party with the Veronese in the XII, and in the XIII century the battle of1487 between the Trentians and the Venetians; of armed clashes between the French revolutionaries and the Austrians of the two world wars. In 1973 the Trapp counts donated it to the autonomous Province of Trento that had it thoroughly restored.
The large lunar bastions that characterize Castel Beseno date back to the Sixteenth Century. The front door was equipped with a drawbridge and entering into the palace you can see in the first courtyard three embrasures. In piazza grande, the little house of the powder keg today welcomes a information room and audiovisual projection. On the side, you can note the clock tower and the granary. Passing the central part of the Castle you arrive at the residence of Castellani. The feudal complex, in origin, included three turreted nuclei that corresponded to the two extreme elevations of the hill. In the third, there is the House of the Bishop and the Palazzo Nuovo.


In fourteenth century "Palazzo of Marcabruno", you can visit the permanent exhibition of The Virtue of Fortitude, reconstructions, videos, and a plastic model of the battle of Calliano of 1487, which saw the first successful participation in a battle on Italian soil of the formidable Lansquenet. The exhibition of original arms and faithful copies is under the banner of ... "Please touch": all are invited to wear and handle helmets and jerseys, for great joy of the children (and their fathers).