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Valley of the Lakes

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A valley rich in history.

The Valley of the Lakes is a precious heritage from ancient times and one of the main access roads to Trentino.

The valley contains considerable testimonies to its five thousand years of history: from archaeological finds to the ancient castles (Toblino, Madruzzo, Terlago and Drena) and to the aristocratic villas.

There are many walks possible in these places, for example, the path along the old mule track which, from Castel Toblino, climbs up to the church of Ranzo, or the geological walk near Vezzano, which connects ten glacial pools (called "marmiotes of the giants" ), or finally the archaeological itinerary of Cavedine, which allows you to admire the ancient Roman artifacts and rock engravings of the Retic period. There are also many churches and the striking shrines located along the valley.