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Restaurant Clesio

English Bar & restaurant Restaurant Clesio

The Restaurant at Grand Hotel Trento

A very high quality restaurant that gives importance to the natural products used in all preparations. Simple details that hide infinite care and attention by the Chef and all the staff.

The taste experience gained over the years, is transmitted in every detail, from the choice of ingredients to the selection of dishes on the menu, to the combinations of flavors.

Even the name of the restaurant, Clesio, is an indicator of the history and territoriality. It was in fact, the name of a fifteenth century cardinal that thanks to his refinement and culture he was an advisor to emperors and popes.

Open every day, both for lunch and dinner, at the Restaurant Clesio you can find recipes of the Trentian tradition and of the Italian cuisine. A fine selection of wines of our Maitre d' will enhance the flavors of every single dish.

At Grand Hotel Trento any unique needs will not be a problem. If you are celiac or vegetarian, or if you can't eat particular foods, our chefs will still prepare exquisite dishes.


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