Clesio: the restaurant of Trento

The Clesio Restaurant has distinguished itself since its inception for its high quality and research into excellent raw materials and natural products that make it a culinary reference point in Trento. A sophisticated kitchen but made of simple details that conceal infinite care and attention reserved by the Chef and all the staff of both the kitchen and the dining room.

The experience of taste acquired over the years is transmitted in every detail: from the choice of ingredients to the selection of dishes from the menu, to the combinations of flavours: the result is an intriguing mix that mixes cuisine with a Mediterranean touch to dishes with incursions of taste that enhance ingredients and typical products of Trentino.


A strong bond with the city of Trento that has also resulted in the name chosen for Clesio the restaurant, which has become an index of history and territoriality. Clesio was in fact the name of a fifteenth-century Cardinal who, thanks to his refinement and culture, became an advisor to Emperors and Popes.

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Open every day to the public, both for lunch and dinner, our restaurant is also ideal for business lunches thanks to the well-spaced tables that allow privacy and confidentiality. Guests can discover or rediscover traditional Trentino recipes and Italian cuisine in general. All this, in an environment where each piece of furniture mixes refined choices of contemporary design with the timeless style of Grand Hotel Trento.


Our Maître will be able to advise you to enhance with a glass of wine at best the flavours of each course and making your journey to be a discovery of the rich offer of our territory. We will also be happy to offer you vegetarian or gluten-free alternatives if you wish, or your diet requires it.

12.30-14.30; 19.30-22.30

+39 0461 271710


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